Kobo Redux

Kobo Redux is a frantic 80's style 2D shooter with the look and feel a 90's arcade cabinet, the smoothness of current technology, and a matching soundtrack. The gameplay is fast, intense and unforgiving, while trying to tone down the frustrating quirkiness of the actual games of the 80's. A true challenge in the spirit of the arcade era!

First, inspired by Bosconian, there was XKobo, a frantic multi-directional scrolling arcade shooter, where the primary objective was to destroy maze-like hostile space bases. Kobo Deluxe brought this addictive game to basically everything with a CPU - but it was never quite finished. Now, with smoother controls, improved gameplay, new pixel art, and a proper soundtrack, Kobo Redux aims to be the XKobo update that Kobo Deluxe never quite became.

While Kobo Redux is a proprietary title, it is implemented using portable Free/Open Source technologies, and the full game source code will be made available as the game is released.